Toyota Fortuner Facelift 2021-Released, Latest News, Pricing, and much more.

Toyota Fortuner 2021 Japanese automaker Toyota has launched the facelift version of its county famous Fortuner today itself. The demand for the vehicle has been high in the market since the very first time it was launched in India in 2009. The very first Fortuner in the Indian market was loved by all the enthusiastsContinue reading “Toyota Fortuner Facelift 2021-Released, Latest News, Pricing, and much more.”

Rolls Royce Phantom VIII- The epitome of luxury. Specs, Indian Pricing, and more.

Introduction.Rolls Royce has always been considered the role model of all the vehicles in the luxury segment. Nothing can match the amount of comfort you feel while driving or being chauffeured in a Rolls Royce when compared to other luxury vehicles in the market. Be it Bentley or Maybach by Mercedes Benz, no one canContinue reading “Rolls Royce Phantom VIII- The epitome of luxury. Specs, Indian Pricing, and more.”

Hyundai Creta-Is it still worth buying?

Introduction.Hyundai is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers not only in India but in the whole continent. The South Korean company has a stronghold in other parts of the globe. However, a major share of the company’s revenue comes from India’s automobile industry. This major share can amount up to $4.4 billion in sales fromContinue reading “Hyundai Creta-Is it still worth buying?”

Bentley Flying Spur 2020-All you need to know!

Bentley one of the biggest automakers in the luxury automobile sector. Bentley Flying Spur is the top of the line sedan from British automaker’s lineup.
click on the link to read the full review.

Mercedes Benz S-Class is back. All new changes

Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Mercedes-Benz, since the beginning, has remained the first choice of most people who wish to have the luxury as well as power together in a vehicle. The German automaker provides a wide range of vehicles that not only satisfies the needs of their consumers but fulfill the needs of car enthusiasts as well.Continue reading “Mercedes Benz S-Class is back. All new changes”

Porsche Taycan Turbo S- True Electric Performance.

The evolving automotive market requires brands like Porsche to come out with their versions of electric cars. The Taycan Turbo S is one such car. Click on the link to read the full review.

BMW M Series. It doesn’t get better than this

Introduction. BMW is one of the most reputed and well-known German manufacturers in the automotive industry. It has gained quite a lot of popularity since the time it was released. This German automobile manufacturer has recently completed a century of its service in the vehicle manufacturing sector. BMW’s main rivals in the industry are Mercedes-BenzContinue reading “BMW M Series. It doesn’t get better than this”

Mercedes-AMG One-The Future is here

The AMG series from Mercedes is loved and appreciated by all, especially by car enthusiasts. The AMG series from Mercedes-Benz resembles more power, more torque, and more comfort. The Mercedes-AMG One is a visionary hybrid sports car that has been in the talks inside the car industry for quite a long period. This hybrid sportsContinue reading “Mercedes-AMG One-The Future is here”

Tesla Model S. ALL-Electric is the way to go.

Introduction. Since the early 2000s, every automotive manufacturer has been talking about how they could revolutionize the whole automotive industry by producing electric cars and make it mainstream. However, not many steps were taken in this direction as this idea required quite a lot of funds for research and development (R&D) purposes. The whole ideaContinue reading “Tesla Model S. ALL-Electric is the way to go.”