Mercedes Benz S-Class is back. All new changes

Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz, since the beginning, has remained the first choice of most people who wish to have the luxury as well as power together in a vehicle. The German automaker provides a wide range of vehicles that not only satisfies the needs of their consumers but fulfill the needs of car enthusiasts as well.

The top of the line vehicle from the German manufacturer is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. S-class is a series of full-size luxury sedan and limousines which has been produced for people who settle for nothing except the best.

S-class has seen major improvements since the time it was first revealed in 1972. The fleet is known to have the best combination of safety, luxury, and the latest possible technology. Mercedes-Benz S-class is simply a luxury private jet on wheels. S-class from the automaker can directly be compared to Bentley’s fleet of cars, which is usually known to be the best in their segment.

Mercedes Benz S-Class comes equipped with the latest available technology in the market. It is full of features that make one’s ride more and more comfortable and luxurious. The S-Class has completed six generations in 2020 itself. The seventh-generation W223 has begun.

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This full-size luxury car has seen many advancements since the time it was first revealed. Both, the exterior as well as the interior have been redone by the designers. Not only this, major changes have been made to the heart of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, its engine. Keep reading ahead to learn more about the same.

Exterior and Interior.

The all-new Mercedes Benz S-Class now comes with a more sporty look than before. The front and the rear do look more and more aggressive than their previous models. The car does leave a statement of its own while passing by.

The interior on the all-new S-Class is as stunning as always. Every corner has been custom made and designed to fit in its right place and serve its desired purpose. The interior, for sure can never be compared to its two main rivals, BMW and Audi. More legroom is a feature every consumer wishes to have. Do not worry, you get plenty of legroom with additional lumbar support in the all-new S-Class.

The changes in the interior and on the exterior of the vehicle have been made keeping in mind the increasing number of sales for Mercedes among young individuals who love the sporty look. I, however, feel that the s class should still carry its own elegant yet classy look from before.

The heating and cooling, massaging seats are one of the best features from the s class vehicles. Also, the center console has been changed with a full touch screen that controls almost all the features the s class provides. This central touch screen is the best in the market.

Safety Features.

Safety has always been a major issue in any vehicle. S-Class nails this feature every year. This year, however, is more special since special amendments have been made in this direction as well. The major addition to it is of full-sized airbags that pop right in front of the rear passenger seats as well.

The massive panoramic roof on the new S-Class makes it feel more spacious than it already is. The new navigation feature has been customized using augmented reality in which the driver sees live arrows on every corner of the road guiding the direction towards your destination.


The all-new S-Class comes loaded with features up to the brim. It is better than most of its competitors out there. Once you sit inside the vehicle, you simply can’t stop praising the attention to detail kept in mind while designing the vehicle. S-Class, for sure, is worth every penny if you can afford one.

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