Porsche Taycan Turbo S- True Electric Performance.


German automakers have been ruling the automobile sector with their attention-grabbing fleet of cars that set a standard in the automotive market. One such established automaker is Porsche. The company was founded in 1931 in Germany and since then the manufacturer has touched greater heights than expected. Porsche is a well-renowned name in the high-performance sports car industry.

The brand is currently owned by the Volkswagen group. As of now, Porsche is a preferred choice amongst many high-class individuals. From celebrities to big industrialists, everyone would love to own a Porsche. Also, since the automobile market is shifting towards all-electric vehicles, Porsche has stepped up their game by entering the EV market with an all-electric Porsche Taycan S.


The all-new Taycan’s concept was unveiled in the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and the vehicle was made available to the public in 2019. Since its release, Taycan turbo s has been in the limelight in the automobile industry. The car stands out from its competitors in every manner. Be it speed, design, comfort, and even price, Porsche’s Taycan Turbo S beats them all!

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Battery and Range.

Porsche Taycan S has been engineered to be the best of all, be it the tracks or on a road. The vehicle comes fitted with 2 AC motors which provide this machine enough power to beat its competitors. Taycan S comes with 2 optional liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery options, a 79.2 kWh battery, or a 93.4 kWh battery. Porsche claims the vehicle to have a maximum range of 463 km on one full charge cycle.

However, there’s one thing you all must know. The car doesn’t come with a turbocharger, despite mentioning the same in its name. This has been done just to maintain the legacy of the older high-performance Porsche cars which came with a turbocharger.


Once you enter the car, there is no coming back. The interior of the vehicle has been well designed, keeping in mind its prospects as well as the needs of its consumers. The interior consists of a total of 4 fully digital displays, which catch your eyesight as you enter the vehicle. The Alcantara leathered seats are quite comfortable as well.


Well, the electric motors can produce an equivalent 670 HPs and the car can easily do 0 to 100 km in under 3 seconds without breaking a sweat. I can confidently say that Porsche Taycan Turbo S might be the best electric car available in the market as of now, period.

However, this vehicle also comes with a drawback of its own, and it’s not the car. As we already know, Tesla has the best electric supercharger network as of now in the electric car market and the company has also allowed its competitors to use its supercharger network instead of building their own. Unfortunately, Porsche Taycan Turbo S doesn’t use Tesla’s charging network. So, you just cannot go to a tesla supercharger and plug your Porsche in there waiting for it to get charged while you have your breakfast.

Also just to mention, Taycan Turbo S does support apple car play. The engineering behind this vehicle is just phenomenal. The vehicle has been a wide success since its release. Porsche sold over 4000 Taycan models in the first half of 2020 itself and the numbers don’t seem to be decreasing anyhow.

Also, quoting MKBHD, the car comes with a ‘nice metal knob’ which lets you change between different driving modes Taycan Turbo S has to offer. It better be a nice metal knob when the turbo s model comes with a price tag of $185,000 and more.


The amount of attention to detail Porsche has put into their first electric vehicle is astonishing and it does justify the price tag of the vehicle. The car stands out of its electric competitors due to its futuristic looks as well. I believe, it can easily win in direct competition to Audi e-Tron any day.

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Here’s the link to MKBHD’s video. He has done a very detailed review of the car. Do check it out.

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Have a nice day, everyone.

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