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The AMG series from Mercedes is loved and appreciated by all, especially by car enthusiasts. The AMG series from Mercedes-Benz resembles more power, more torque, and more comfort. The Mercedes-AMG One is a visionary hybrid sports car that has been in the talks inside the car industry for quite a long period. This hybrid sports car is being manufactured by Mercedes-AMG and features its Formula One-derived technology. The astonishing curves on the car made people fall for it at the time it was unveiled in 2017 International Motor Show Germany. 

The car was revealed by formula one driver Lewis Hamilton and head of Mercedes-Benz Dieter Zetsche. The car is the epitome of uniqueness and power. It comes with an 8-speed single-clutch automated manual transmission that makes the car stand out from its competitors. Mercedes-AMG One boasts of a 1.6 liter Mercedes-Benz PU106C Hybrid E-turbo V6 engine which helps the car in flying (metaphorically) on the tracks. 

Since it is a hybrid sports car, it consists of an 800 V lithium-ion battery which gives it a range of 25 kilometers. The design team was joined by Lewis Hamilton himself and the design of the car has been finalized with his help. To maintain the exclusiveness of this hybrid sports car, only 275 units have been planned to be produced for the consumers, all of which are already pre-sold. 

The excitement amongst people to have a look at and own the final product can be observed when Mercedes-Benz received four times the order of the production amount of the car. However, to maintain the exclusivity of Mercedes-AMG One, only 275 units are going to be produced. 

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Price tag.

Every car comes with its price tag of US $2.72 million. People from all over the globe have been eager to get hands-on experience on the Mercedes-AMG One. 

When the car was initially released, it was still a project. It was then named as Mercedes-AMG Project One. However, the project tag was then dropped sometime later as the car met all the regulations. Every detail on the car has been designed to perfection. The wheels on the Project One are made of Aluminium Alloy and Carbon Fibre. The brakes on the car are ventilated Carbon-Ceramic Discs. The car comes equipped with Michelin Pilot Cup 2s which can handle the power this car boasts of. 

The chassis/body of the car will be made entirely of Carbon Fibre to decrease the weight of the car. The final estimated curb weight of Mercedes-AMG Project One is around 1,200 to 1,300 kilograms. The car’s interior has been kept into the mind and has been equipped with the latest technology. The interior has been made as luxurious and appealing as possible.

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The car does 0-100km/h in an astonishing time of 2.2 seconds only. Not only this, but it also takes only 6.0 seconds to hit the 0-200km/h mark. The top speed of the car has been set up to a little more than 350km/h which makes it one of the fastest cars on the planet. The price tag of this beauty seems to be justified after hearing the specifications the car comes with. 

According to Mercedes-Benz, the confirmed year of delivery for the final product of the car is 2021. The final assembly of the Mercedes-AMG One will be done at the Mercedes-AMG F1 Headquarters in Brackley, United Kingdom. Car enthusiasts from all across the globe are waiting for this mid-engine, all-wheel-drive hybrid sports car to hit the roads and break all the previously established records. 


The more you spend time and effort learning about the car, the more you fall in love with it. AMG One is the result of astonishing efforts made by a team of designers, engineers, and Mercedes-Benz as a whole. Mercedes-AMG One is a perfect example of the best engineering resources available on the planet and is one of the most beautiful things money can buy.

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