Range Rover Evoque 2020.

Range Rover Evoque 2020.

Land Rover Range Rover has always been an epitome of luxury when it comes to the SUV market. They have been in the car manufacturing business since 1978 and have a major hold in the luxury SUV market, not only in India but all across the globe. So much so that the queen of England herself uses a Range Rover as her prime vehicle.

The brand has been famous for producing remarkable subcompact luxury crossover SUVs which always appeal to the masses as well as to the wealthy region of the society. Due to their sturdiness and modern design, Range Rover has always been on the top when it comes to SUV sales across the globe since the time the British brand was officially recognized. Range Rover SUVs are produced by British car manufacture Jaguar Land Rover, which is now a subsidiary of Tata Motors, an Indian automobile manufacturing company.

One such impeccable product from the production line of the motor company is Range Rover Evoque. The concept vehicle for Evoque was first revealed at the North American International Show in 2008. The first-generation Evoque hit the market in July 2011 and was an instant success among the audience. Their premium design, latest technology, and sturdy build quality gave Evoque an edge over its competitors in the luxury segment.

Evoque recorded sales of more than 22, 000 vehicles the year it was available in the market. Since then, there was no looking back. Range Rover Evoque became so successful in its segment that the company had to manufacture more than 1,25,000 Evoques in 2014 to keep up with the ever-growing demand. In the years 2012 and 2013, Evoque itself achieved almost 36% of all Land Rover sales, worldwide.


Later, the second-generation Evoque was unveiled and started its production in 2018 itself. The car is currently being assembled at 3 places worldwide, in the UK, China, and Pune, India. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is available in 6-speed manual, 8 speed automatic, and 9-speed automatic transmission which is on top of its line.

The luxurious interior of Evoque makes it stand out in the SUV segment. Till today, no worthy competitor has seen so much growth in its customer base as recorded by Evoque.

The all-new Range Rover Evoque 2020.

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The all-new Evoque 2020 seems quite similar to its elder brother, the Range Rover Velar. The front look, the headlights all seem to be quite similar to the Velar. The car maintains elegant features from its elder brother in design elements as well. However, it is still quite different from it in many ways. The instrument cluster, the central console, or even the infotainment system has become a primary concern for the company in the last few years. So, the Evoque nails it in every manner in the interior as well.

The Evoque boasts of a luxurious interior that is comparable to one of the finest in the market. The increase in wheelbase of the new Evoque has not affected the car handling in any manner.


The petrol engine in the Evoque is quite better in terms of performance. The petrol engine boasts of 250 BHP whereas the diesel engine has an approximate of 190 BHP power.


Despite being one of the best cars in its segment, the all-new 2020 Evoque lacks behind in some of the features that its competitors provide.

1. The instrument cluster on the dashboard looks a little outdated, considering the hefty price tag of the car. It could have been a little more modern giving the vehicle a more premium look.

2. The car still doesn’t come equipped with a 360-degree camera, which is a must-have when parking your car in tight spaces.

3. Another small yet important feature which the Evoque lacks is a wireless charging pad. The car however provides quite a lot of 5 volt and 12 volt charging sockets, but considering the futuristic look and the price tag, a wireless charging pad for the driver is a must-have. These small details matter quite a lot in everyday commute.


These small drawbacks do not hamper the beauty and the standard of the vehicle in any manner. The car looks very elegant yet very classy at the same time. The all-new Evoque is for sure a style statement for people who can afford one. It should be a must-have car on your list.

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For a more in-depth review of the all new Range Rover Evoque, watch Matt Watson’s review on YouTube by clicking on the link below.

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