Our Inspiration.

People who inspire us to do something can have a great impact on our lives. Watching them do their work with all will and power makes us think about the motive of our lives. Inspiration does come from within, but only when we see someone achieving the goals we’ve always wanted to achieve.

My inspiration/motivation came from an internship I did during the nationwide lockdown. Each and every one of us across the world had plenty of time to rest, to eat enough, to spend time with our family, and whatnot. Being a university student, I had to complete my assignments that were a part of the curriculum. I became more and more lethargic as time went by. I had binged Netflix and other streaming services enough and had grown bored of them as well.

Willing to do something productive, I signed up for an internship at Ritikapeace. Received a call from the lady herself and she interviewed me quite strictly, I must say. However, the best part was that she didn’t believe in the boss-employee culture and made every intern her friend. Working with(not under) her proved to be an opportunity I’ve always wanted to encounter.

As the internship slowly came to an end, I discovered that I also wished to write regarding things I’m passionate about. Cars. Being a future mechanical engineer, automobiles were one of the only few things that I always wanted to build. writing about them gave me quite a lot of satisfaction as well. So, inspired by Ritikapeace and motivated by my passion and desire, I have decided to build a website of my own where I can make my guide ( Ritika Verma ) and myself proud and have no regrets in the future.

This website is a result of what I’ve planned to do. I will regularly upload 2 articles a week. These articles will be 100% plagiarism-free. Bisitors will get to read all the information I could find over the internet in one single place, at thelearningpanda.in . I hope that the readers find the articles informative and this website meets everyone’s expectations with flying colours.

Have a great day ahead, everyone.

link to Ritika’s Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/ritikapeace/?hl=en

link to our Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/thelearningpanda.in/?hl=en

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